TCO SOLAR  |  63 rue de Forbin  |  13002 Marseille  |  F-tel + 33 (0) 9.8258-5473  |  F-fax + 33 (0) 9.8140-4945

TCO Solar is a specialist in Technical and Commercial Operations

and Operations & Management of industry-scale photovoltaic power plants in France, Germany, and Italy.


Our strength is the combination of technical excellence and

long-term management experience with a multicultural and multi-sector approach.


Beyond our core specialisation, we do have


 • upstream expertise in Project Development and EPC Management


downstream capacities in accounting, SPV-management of


We offer turn-key services to you and your plants in all our core international markets (French, Italian and German).


Our cross-sectoral experience in solar PV, Wind and CSP industries allows us to improve service levels known so far in the PV-sector:

We are able to provide first-in-class-services up to all-in-one management of your power plant and SPV, both on technical and commercial side.

Excellence in service to our customers, longstanding expertise in the wind and photovoltaic sectors, and a broad and reliable international network combine with fast responsiveness:


These are our distinguishing marks.

 A dynamic and international team with cutting-edge and very short lines of communication

allows us to respond with utmost flexibility and cost-efficiency to market and customer requirements,


Making Your Renewable Power Plant Work


wherever it is.