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    "Le monde est à l’énergie" (the world belongs to energy), so reads the above statue welcoming travellers and visitors to the main station of Marseilles. Actually, since the beginning of the anthropocene and even more so from the industrial revolution onwards, supply of fossile fuels, power distribution and electricity supply have become crucial issues for human development.


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    So the debate on fossile fuels, their limitations as well as the increasing challenges of their finite nature and supply instability has become virulent, both in political and economical terms.


    So the idea of endless energy provided by sun and wind is even the more convincing and, for us, both thrilling and a necessity! The contrast between the almost universal availability of solar and wind resources and the strange and often outdated discussion on their cost and impact seems thus highly surprising and paradoxical.


    Finding viable solutions to this paradoxon is the reason why we, a group of young engineers and renewable energy professionals, created TCO Solar: TCO combines broad international competences and management skills with longstanding expertise in the solar and wind industry to the service of renewable power plants. Thus our mission:




    We aim at an even more efficient use of natural renewable power sources both to the benefit of economy (owner, supplier, investor, bank, etc.) and ecology (be they the natural environment, or more narrow local and regional stakeholders).


    Our home ports are Marseilles, at the shores of the Mediterranean and Hamburg, on the North Sea. The former is our technical and administrative headquarter, at the core of the Mediterranean Sun Belt. The latter is the capital city of Renewables in Germany and, perhaps, the world: the most prestigious banks, the most important investors, some of the world industry leaders are as well based here, while the city is at the forefront of renewable energy policies with her recent repurchase of her electricity grid and a newly recreated municipal utility which supplies her energy solely from renewable sources.


    As harbours and places for most diverse encounters and meetings, both Marseilles and Hambourg welcome the visitor: so do we at our premises!

Our TEam


At TCO we are a team of dedicated people. Either as engineers or managers, we share an international- and open-mindedness as well as strong and long-standing local knowledge. We do have flat hierarchies and work as a team with all employees.


This allows us to deliver to you as our partner (either in the vest of investor, owner or stakeholder) the best service for your plants, wherever they might be, and to serve your needs upon your request.

Thomas Casalta

Executive VP

8 years of experience in project development, management and environmental planning.


info [at]

11 years of experience in wind and solar industry, as well as in project development and EPC management.


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Patrick Wurster


  • Development, EPC management, and Financing of PV and wind projects (a.o. in Corsica, continental France, Germany, and Italy) as well as RE Asset and O&M Management.


  • Heads TCO WIND as well and is responsible for strategic and business development.


  • Mother tongue German & French, bilingual English and Italian, Basic knowledge in Linguala (Congo), Sango (CAR) and Ewe/Mina (Togo).

• Manages our relations with French and German administrations

  and project development.


• Is responsible for wind development and esp. environmental and

  landscape aspects.


• Mother tongue French and Corsican, fluent in English and

   German, Good knowledge in Italian.

Wolfgang Rosenberg

VP Operations & Maintenance

15 years of experience in photovoltaics and IT project management.



info [at]

7 years of experience in Development, Construction & Operation of PV systems.



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Raphaël Richez

VP Technical & Commercial Operations

  • Development, construction, and operations of PV power plants


  • Mother tongue French, fluent in English and Italian.


  • Development, construction, and operations of PV power plants as long term head of one of the most renowned German EPC and O&M operators in France.


  • Bilingual (German, French), fluent in English and Spanish, Good knowledge in Italian.