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Technical & Commercial Operations

Operations & Maintenance

  • Technical

    • Subcontractor Management

    • 365 days p.a. plant supervision and troubleshooting

    • Configuration and improvement of plant and

       remote monitoring

    • Monthly reporting on plant status and production

  • Commercial

    • Semi-annual and comparative reporting on status,

       production and performance

    • Invoicing and Bank Management

    • Loan Management

  • Operations

    • Asset/SPV-Management

    • Coordination of O&M, security, lease, and CSR

    • Accounting

    • Tax advice

  • Preventative Maintenance

    • Control of MV/LV transformer stations and MV switchgear

    • Control of LV switch boards and inverters,

       junction boxes, PV generator

    • Thermographical analysis of electrical cabinets,

       connections, and PV modules → TCO Pro Clean

    • Environmental control and site cleaning, panel cleaning

  • Predictive & Corrective Maintenance

    • Extended diagnostic capacities enhanced by

       cutting-edge PV SCADA system

    • Data analysis for error prevention

    • Ongoing preventative interventions

    • Management of stock and spare part replacement

    • Direct local handling of corrective maintenance

    • Full O&M reporting

    • Fault handling based on in-depth error diagnosis

  • Power Plant Management

    • MV and LV grid management

    • Setup, control, and custody of system and measurement tools

    • Site custody and control

    • Availability guarantee and (optional) PR guarantee

  • Remote Monitoring

    TCO Solar operates her own TCO SCADA system. Customers can get access to the data via online portal.


    The monitoring system measures performance parameters with a data granularity of about 1 minute, wherever necessary for error analysis, and otherwise with a granularity of 15 minutes.


    Main features are:

    • Data recording and storage, incl. daily replication, and automatic fault detection and alarming

    • Remote Plant control up to SCADA-functions